TYM Performance launches a range of sports nutritional supplements

Robert Wildman, Ph.D., is a fitness and health expert with over 20 years of academic teaching and research experience. He specializes in the formulation, branding and marketing of new products in the field of sports nutrition. Wildman has over 15 years of industry experience working closely with brands such as Dymatize, GNC, Premier Protein, Bally Total Fitness and many more. The four-time book author has developed and launched hundreds of sports nutrition products, including his newest venture, TYM Performance.

Natural Products Insider spoke with Wildman to learn more about TYM Performance and what its launch brings to the sports nutrition market.

Initiated: What triggered the launch and diversification of TYM Performance?

Robert Wildman: It was simply time (TYM!) to take my background in nutrition and athletics – and merge it with decades of science and research in nutrition and performance, product formulation and creation brand – as well as helping people at all levels achieve their fitness and athletic goals. During my career, I have been fortunate to work for and with major brands, retailers, equipment manufacturers, athletes, coaches and training centers. It’s simply TYM to assemble all the parts. The name itself says it all: TYM for Training, TYM in the Gym, TYM on the Field, TYM Power Up, TYM for Nutrients, TYM for Recovery. It’s GoTYM.

Initiated: Was there a gap in the sports nutrition market that you were aiming to fill or fill?

wild man: My focus on athletic performance and fitness is perhaps broader than others. I wanted to build a brand deeply rooted in relationships with training centers, trainers and training equipment. For example, our relationships with the NFL Alumni Academy, American Barbell, Chip Smith Performance Systems, XPE Sports, Pride Strength Training, New Level Performance and others aligns world-class performance training, equipment and training programs. training with proven college and pro-athlete nutrition. products and advice. It may not be as much of a gap as a hole. And, maybe that’s not a hole as much as the whole thing. Overall, TYM Performance and its partners strive to bring the whole performance package to people, no matter how, where or why they train.

Initiated: Who is the target audience?

wild man: Based on our strong relationships with the NFL Alumni Academy and professional athlete training facilities, we have focused largely on working with strength, power, speed and endurance athletes who s strive to achieve their highest level of performance. However, this year TYM Performance will be entering into strategic retail partnerships that will help us target people whose lifestyle includes physical training to build muscle and improve their physique and fitness.

Initiated: Tell us about the distribution plan.

wild man: 2022 is really the launch year of TYM. TYMPerformance.com’s direct-to-consumer sales are now fully activated and growing. In addition, sales also come from partnerships with the best training centers, trainers and nutritionists. We will be launching several new products in the spring, including a pre-workout; another omega with EPA [eicosapentaenoic acid]DHA [docosahexaenoic acid] and CCA [docosapentaenoic acid]; as well as several other products targeting cognitive and metabolic actions. Additionally, we are working on bringing together customizable workout kits combining nutrition, equipment, coaching and tracking in partnership with American Barbell.

Initiated: What does TYM Performance look for in business partners?

wild man: We are only looking for that: partners. We will seek to build relationships with retailers that allow TYM a greater ability to support athletes, as well as people who train seriously for better fitness and fitness. Retail partners who are dedicated to providing more than just products to their customers; those who are serious about helping their clients by also providing them with credible training and practical advice. Additionally, as TYM Performance is committed to providing the highest quality, tested, certified and transparent products, we will seek retail partners dedicated to selling brands such as TYM and no less respected brands and products. , untested or controversial.

Initiated: Are there any unique ingredients included in your formulations that maybe weren’t on the scene 5-10 years ago?

wild man: Sports nutrition as an industry has really evolved over the last 10 years. TYM products contain several unique ingredients or performance-critical nutrients generated through a unique and/or superior quality process. For example, OMEGATYM DHA is produced by MSET-Lipid (Molecular Selective Enriching Technology – Lipid), a multi-patented, single-loop, closed-system process that uses low temperature that prevents the breakdown and transformation of omega lipids. There are two important considerations here. First, the consumer gets exactly what they want – a highly concentrated DHA omega-3 supplement – and second, they don’t get the heavy metals and contaminants.

Meanwhile, CREATYM Creatine Monohydrate, called iCreatine, is an exclusive instant creatine for higher solubility besides achieving other quality standards. This means it mixes easily with water and other beverages. A unique aspect of TYM Performance products compared to brands of yesteryear is that there is more attention to quality certifications, full transparency, no artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, while also being used in academic studies involving athletes and different training and diet platforms.

Initiated: What certifications are behind the brand’s products?

wild man: Above all, all TYM products are certified free of banned substances and carry the Informed Sport seal. Second, all PROTYM products are and will be Informed Protein certified, which means they meet at least the label claims for protein (grams per serving) and there is no amino acid doping. .

Amino doping is a little formulation trickery in which non-protein nitrogen-containing ingredients are added to a formula to inflate protein tests and, in turn, label claims. When protein is tested to estimate grams per serving, a lab typically tests grams of nitrogen and then multiplies by a factor specific to the type of protein being tested. Amino doping occurs when other non-protein nitrogenous ingredients are deliberately added to increase the amount of nitrogen in a sample. Commonly used tests do not distinguish between nitrogen sources, so nitrogen containing ingredients such as creatine, taurine and glycine may be added, and the test method will count them in the proteins.

In the past, it was up to consumers to try to determine if a protein product was suspected of amino acid doping based on the ingredients. They should look for additional nitrogen-containing ingredients like creatine, taurine, glycine, or glutamine. It is now much simpler for consumers. The laboratory (LGC Group) that supplies Informed Choice and Informed Sport now certifies products as Informed Protein, which not only guarantees that there is no amino acid doping, but that a product meets the claims of the label for protein. PROTYM is one of the first products to be certified Informed Protein.

Additionally, all OMEGATYM Omega-3 Triglycerides are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody and Non-GMO Project Verified, ensuring the highest quality and traceability. TYM Performance’s botanical ingredients are PhytoSure certified, ensuring the highest standards of quality, purity and safety.

Initiated: In your opinion, what distinguishes you from your competitors?

wild man: I would like to think that TYM products and the brand are exactly what a lot of people are looking for. Combining the highest quality standards, a trusted scientific platform, used and proven in professional training centers, researched in universities, clean, safe and more. Additionally, TYM is more of a lifestyle brand, based on its partners and holistic approach to sports and fitness.

Initiated: Is TYM Performance working on something we can expect to release soon?

wild man: In addition to upcoming products, we will be launching a nutrition and training tracking app and software. It will provide tools to help people track their nutrition intake, training, and more. It will also allow people to work with trainers and nutritionists. Additionally, TYM Performance will recognize aspiring and inspiring high school and college athletes, coaches, nutritionists, teams and training facilities. We’re really excited about this program and those featured will receive merchandise, giveaways and more.

To learn more about TYM Performance, visit tymperformance.com.

Madison Dorn specializes in content creation and management, with a particular passion for the health/nutrition and fitness industries. In her spare time, she enjoys working out and is a certified CrossFit Level One coach.

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