Staff pick: the best part of a summer in state college

Once the finals come to a close in May and the graduates take the stage, a sudden silence falls on State College. North Atherton traffic seems to be disappearing, construction sites are popping up all over campus, and the usual commotion comes to a screeching halt.

Only Penn State’s bravest students are staying for the summer because, let’s be honest, not much is happening. However, there is a unique beauty that lies in taking the time to spend a summer here in the Borough.

Some of our staff have had the pleasure of staying over the past few weeks. Here are the little things they enjoyed throughout their summers at State College.

Matt DiSanto: The State Theater Summer Film Series

There’s nothing I’ve missed more over the past year than going to the movies. Paying too much for candy and sitting in a cramped theater with a few dozen strangers is practically a ritual at this point, and I feel so lucky to be able to do it at State College at the State Theater.

You see, the State Theatre’s “Summer Movie Series” is just amazing. Over the past four weeks I have had the chance to check out four Best films nominated for the film – “Citizen Kane”, “Minari”, “Judas & The Black Messiah” and “Promising Young Woman”. The best part? Tickets for each movie were only $ 6.50.

Look, this is not paid advertising. I’m just a movie buff who appreciates it a lot. Spoil yourself and grab some friends, tickets, and popcorn to visit and support a great local establishment. Enjoy the show!

Charles Reinert: Find out more about yourself

I’m fortunate enough to have landed an internship here at State College, and when I’m not doing anything for my internship, I spend a lot of time alone. Hey, that’s fine with me. There is a lot to be said about the importance of being alone and giving yourself time to reflect on who you are as a person.

The calm atmosphere of State College in the summer is the perfect place for some time with your thoughts. Of course, I miss my family and friends back home. But it’s good to have some time for myself and to have the opportunity to understand myself a little more every day. You can’t love other people until they love themselves first. It’s also nice to walk right into Country Night at Pickle’s when I do hanging out with my friend who is also an intern here this summer.

Colleen Nersten: Break in Check the apartment pools

The downtown skyscrapers may not be entirely welcome, but they do have some gorgeous pools. Because State College is fairly quiet in the summer, it’s easy to sneak in and sunbathe. The best part? Literally, no one cares. Having gigantic infinity pools at my disposal is absolutely a benefit of State College in the summer. I once even got a free snowcone at The View pool because they thought I was a resident.

Rory Pelella: Stop smelling roses

There is something about the peace and quiet of a summer day in Happy Valley that feels magical. For me it’s the little things, like being able to have Old Main Lawn to myself while I enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or run around campus without needing to avoid busy places like the HUB. It’s the farmers markets, the tubes at Spring Creek, the sunsets at the Arboretum, the conversations with the locals, the Spikes games ($ 2 Tuesdays for life) and, of course, the beer garden at Doggie’s. . You can’t beat him.

Dana Nunemacher: No North Atherton Chick-Fil-A line

A lot things stress me out in life, but nothing stresses me out more than the North Atherton Chick-Fil-A line. There’s no worse feeling than walking around Colonnade Boulevard after a quick trip on Target and seeing the saved Chick-Fil-A line obstructing traffic on Atherton. I must then ask myself whether I should wait or just continue. Well, now I don’t need to worry about that line anymore!

Of course, lunchtime on a Friday can still cause a bit of traffic, but that’s NOTHING like before. I even found the right time to leave when the parking lot is empty, but I will keep these times confidential.

Messages from staff composed only of Onward State students.

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