Resentment of advisers and minister over broadcasters’ “idiot test”

There is virtually no threshold for accepting new and existing broadcasters into the public broadcasting system. There are serious objections to the access of the broadcasters Ongehoord Nederland and Zwart, but the acceptance test is so flawed that not all of these objections can be taken into account.

This is evidenced by internal documents from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the supervisory authority of the Information Authority and the Council for Culture, which were obtained on the basis of the Law on government information (public access) (Wob).

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Every five years the minister asks the Dutch Public Broadcasting Corporation (NPO), the Culture Council and the Media Regulatory Authority: Which broadcasters are eligible for a five-year broadcasting license? The three parties verify that broadcasters meet the requirements of the media law. For example, new broadcasters must attract at least 50,000 paying members, represent “traffic” and be “value-added”.

In practice, the concepts of the law are not developed and evaluation frameworks are lacking or lacking. Consultants reviewing broadcasters’ claims behind the scenes speak of a “crazy test.” According to the Culture Council, the test cannot be taken critically enough. On the contrary, the broadcasters’ plans would have been “often very positive”.

This spring the two new broadcasters, Ongehoord Nederland and broadcaster Zwart, received three positive recommendations. Now the advisers seemed to have serious objections, but in the end they didn’t weigh them all. For example, there are doubts about the added value of broadcasters and ON! Concerns about the spread of disinformation. ENTER ON! The advice of culture is called a danger.

Outgoing Minister Slope (Media, ChristenUnie) decided this summer that broadcasters would receive a five-year broadcast license from January 2022. “It’s hard to dismiss these broadcasters because there are positive opinions from three advisers.

C8-9 the rejection of these diffusers is complicated

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