Physiotherapist Bend helps athletes and Olympic hopefuls reach a higher level of performance

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Ellie Meyrowitz is doing what she knows best: living her dream of helping athletes reach theirs.

“I don’t have a knife, I don’t have medication, I don’t have an MRI, so being able to reconstruct the human body with my hands is what I love most as a physiotherapist”, said said Meyrowitz

Meyrowitz knows all too well the injuries suffered by these athletes. as she was herself, an elite swimmer while studying at Indiana University.

Now she is an elite physiotherapist at Rebound Physical Therapy in Bend.

“No matter what their goal is, I try to readjust them to a performance level or to be pain free,” Meyrowitz said.

Angel Piccirillo, who is part of Littlewing Athletics, an elite Bend running club, is one of the many athletes Meyrowitz treats.

Piccirillo competed in the women’s 800-meter race at the Olympic Trials in Eugene.

Meyrowitz helped make this possible.

“It makes such a difference to have someone who understands runners, understands their bodies and can problem solve through all the crazy things we come up with,” Piccirillo said.

Piccirillo failed to land his ticket to Tokyo this year. But there is no offseason in the sport, so Meyrowitz will continue to help him find that advantage.

“What can they go through without hurting their bodies? What can they go through that would hurt their body? So it’s constantly navigating and talking through strategies, because there is always something in the books for them, ”said Meyrowitz.

Meyrowitz also treats Rebecca Mehra, Mel Lawrence and Sadi Henderson, other Littlewing runners who competed in the Olympic trials.

They all see Meyrowitz regularly to keep their bodies ready to run.

While Meyrowitz says the satisfaction of caring for patients with her hands is such a rewarding feeling, the relationships she forms are just as special.

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