Nigerians respond as National Broadcasting Commission orders radio and TV stations to stop reporting “details” of insurgent attacks

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has ordered media houses to refrain from disclosing details of assaults by bandits and terrorists.

NBC issued the order in a statement Friday.

The statement reads: “The headlines of most newspapers are full of security-related topics on a daily basis. While bringing security information to Nigerians’ doors is a necessity, care must be taken as too many details can have negative implications for the efforts of our security officials who have a duty to deal with the insurgency. . “

“Some subjects also have an ethnological coating, thus pitting one part of the country against another and leaving Nigerians in daily hysteria.”

NBC implored broadcast stations to be guided by the provisions of Sections 5.4.1 (f) and 5.4.3 of the NBC Code which state that “the broadcaster shall not transmit any division material which may threaten or impair the divisibility and indissolubility of Nigeria as a State.

“In reporting conflict situations, the broadcaster should play the role of a peace officer by adhering to the principle of accountability, accuracy and neutrality. The commission therefore urges broadcasters to work with the government to address security concerns by not glorifying the nefarious activities of insurgents, terrorists, kidnappers, bandits, etc.

Angry reactions greeted the statement on social media.

On Facebook, Godwin Nwabueze wrote: “Look at what the unnecessary and unnecessary presidency and the APC party have also transformed this blessed and beautiful nation.

“How can you rule human beings like animals?” Oh ! We therefore no longer have the right to express ourselves, including the media. “

Joe Abuajah said: “Gagging the media is a major mission for this government. In 2015, they started it in style, and for them all the necessary underground work was completed. ”

Another Nigerian, identified as Tochukwu Idigo, lamented: “Is this really a country with a constitution or just a regulation without goals? i’m tired mehn !!!! You can’t even hope for anything good in this machine.

Several other Nigerians also shared their views on Twitter.

@damolaandre wrote: “What is the ratio of victims whose identity is reported and those not reported? What is a story if the message needs to be changed? We better get it as is so that we understand what we’re up against. “

@breezy_dh wrote: “No freedom of speech in Nigeria now!

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