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The former Brexit Party leader was speaking to the Sunday Express ahead of the launch of his new prime-time political show on GB News, which is due to start at 7 p.m. on Monday. The new Farage Hour will run from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday in an attempt to emulate the successful model of prime-time political broadcasts in the United States and Australia.

The program is slated to eventually be followed by veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil’s hour-long show when he returns from his post-summer hiatus.

It also precedes the new news channel becoming the first TV station to run simultaneously on digital radio as GB News continues to innovate in the UK broadcast market.

“My previous incarnations of rocking the country – Ukip, Brexit Party, I want to be a disruptor,” Mr Farage told the Sunday Express.

“I want to see broken, outdated and disconnected models. I see a gap in the market as big as the one I saw for Ukip in 2010. ”

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He continued, “In 2010 I was like ‘wow, we have Cameron, we have Clegg, we have Miliband. I can’t put cigarette paper between them on anything. There is a huge opportunity here for Ukip.

“Now I see broadcasters all pushing the same kind of programming, doing pretty much the same thing that they’ve been doing for decades. People are fed up, they are fed up, they keep turning it off. They turn it back on like a drug. Then they can’t stand it and turn it off again.

“I think there is a huge opportunity here to reshape broadcasting. I think there is a huge opportunity here to reverse the londonization, the metropolitization of all of our political argument where everything is looked at through that lens.

“Even Sunderland [Nissan investment] the ad was described on Channel 4 as being a little ray of sunshine in the midst of all the dark and black news. I could not believe it. I thought ‘wow! This is incredible. ‘

“I’m listening to Radio 4 and I want to cut my wrists.”

He said the switch to DAB or digital radio where people can plug their devices into their cars to listen to the show was just as important in shaking up a market where the BBC has over 50% of the audience share. .

“It will take a few more weeks before it is ready, however we have the license. So we’re not just competing with BBC New and Sky, etc. We compete with Radio 5, Radio 4, Talk News LBC. We are also in competition with these things.

“Nearly 50% of people listen to spoken radio in the car. We spend a large part of our life in cars.

He also suggested that the changes in broadcasting represented by GB News could spell the end of the BBC.

“Over the past two years, a million people have stopped paying for the BBC license. It’s a lot of people.

“They decided we didn’t have that anymore, we are moving forward. I think the persecution of over 75s is the most incredible case of shooting yourself in the foot. We are moving away from our traditional means of obtaining information.

He noted that among people downloading the GB News app, around 22% of the audience was between the ages of 16 and 34.

He added: “I will say this. I still think things like BBC World Service are good for Global Britain. Jed Bush, who I normally disagree with, said “isn’t it funny how brilliant the BBC is in global broadcasting and how biased it is in national broadcasting”. I would be okay with that.

He noted that other traditional broadcasters are also struggling.

“The ITV newscast in 1990 had 12 million people, it no longer receives any today. This is a statistic that is absolutely striking and shows that you want the change to be.

He is still angry with his withdrawal from LBC for denouncing the Marxist policies of the Black Lives Matter movement, but said it was “unnecessary” to give “the cancellation culture crowd the comfort of me.” hear me complain “.

He added, “I don’t use the word awakened, canceling culture is much closer to the truth. I have a lot of experience in broadcasting. At LBC, I had the highest share of all of their presenters.

“British broadcasting is so obsolete in terms of 24/7 news channels that it is almost impossible to watch. I find myself angry with so much biased content. “

He will continue his political correction show on Sunday morning with former trade unionist Paul Embery and Conservative MP “star of the future” Dehenna Davison, whom he describes as “civil political debate”.

“The biggest disagreement we had was when Paul said he was surprised I didn’t remember the 66 World Cup final,” he joked.

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