Maxx Sports TV signs as exclusive broadcaster for UPW wrestling

HOUSTON, August 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Enabled July 26, Maxx Sports TV, Inc. announced its cooperation with Undisputed Pro Wrestling (“UPW”), becoming the new exclusive broadcaster of UPW. It will broadcast bi-weekly and daytime UPW events from 22 august, in addition to interviews with fighters and their family members regarding the wrestling events.

Through this cooperation, Maxx Sports TV promises to cultivate the energy that replicates Stampede Wrestling, a wrestling promotion that has created a deep story and character development among its key fighters and their family members.

Stampede Wrestling was a Canadian professional wrestling promotion that was established in 1948 and was one of the first professional wrestling leagues to broadcast, as it built a massive and loyal fan base, where events were ultimately televised in more from 50 countries around the world. The promotion also forged a reputation as the original mainstay of current World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Maxx Sports TV will work with Undisputed Pro Wrestling to resurrect the old style of Stampede Wrestling promotion, fostering the development of a story and character that covers more than wrestling events, in addition to unveiling an iconic voice for league, similar to icon Ed whalen, the host of Stampede Wrestling.

“Undisputed Pro Wrestling is very happy to partner with Maxx Sports to be able to deliver exciting and professional wrestling content and the opportunity to reach a much larger audience, ”said Bart harris, Owner and Promoter of Undisputed Pro Wrestling. “We think this will be a great opportunity to showcase our modern take on good old school wrestling, and UPW should be a great addition to the sports lineup on Maxx Sports. “

“Growing up, I watched the Stampede wrestle religiously every Saturday. Once you got hooked, you had to log in every week, in order to see what antics your favorite wrestler or character would do next. It was a masterful mix of athletics, theater and drama, ”said Trevor Radomsky, director of Maxx Sports TV.

“What can you say about a sporting event where the announcer is one of the main attractions. Ed whalen, the iconic stampede wrestling announcer was certainly one of the main characters. He walked into the ring and announced every match, “Radomsky said.” He had a lot of catchphrases, but the one that stood out to me was the one he finished every show with, ‘in the meantime and in the meantime, that’s is another edition of Stampede Wrestling. ‘ You know you’ve created something special when your audience remembers the advertiser’s slogan 40 years later. “

About MAXX Sports TV

Maxx Sports TV is headquartered at Houston, texas, with historic operations in the United States in Texas, Florida, Utah, Louisiana and Nevada, with acquisitions and expansion planned for California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois, with a total of 200 million annual users.

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