KRWG Public Media Wins Major Award with Multiple New Mexico Association of Broadcasters Awards

The New Mexico Broadcasters Association (NMBA) announced the winners of the association’s Broadcasting Excellence Awards on August 6, 2021. KRWG Public Media won nine awards, including the Station of the Year award for KRWG-FM , 90.7.

The awards reflect the outstanding accomplishments of presenters in 2020 and the unprecedented events of the year.

“To be recognized for the accomplishments during such a difficult year is a testament to the dedication of our team members,” says Adrian Velarde, Executive Director of University Broadcasting, “KRWG Public Media broadcasts 24 hours a day; during this pandemic time, we had to make adjustments with our team to ensure their health and safety while keeping us on the air. ”

Winning entries demonstrate exceptional and extensive media coverage and public information, along with entertaining content, creative production and new programming ideas for an audience that stays at home. The winning entries represent innovation and originality in the four radio markets and one television market in New Mexico.

“Innovation has certainly been a key factor in our ability to create the special programming needed to keep our audience informed of the ever-changing news (regarding COVID),” says Fred Martino, KRWG Public Media Direct of Content, “Additionally, we produced 14 televised election forums, a record for the station.

KRWG-TV received an impressive election coverage award in the statewide television category.

“We are proud of the hard work of a small team of content producers, production team and broadcast engineers to be recognized during an unprecedented time,” adds Martino.

Here is the list of awards for KRWG Public Media:

KRWG-TV election coverage

KRWG News Election 2020 Coverage

Fred Martino, producer / presenter; Christian Valle, producer / director; Joe Widmer, co-producer

Latest KRWG-FM News

Police shoot at producer / presenter KC Counts

Complete information station KRWG-FM

4:44 p.m. KRWG-FM newscast;

KC Counts, producer / presenter

Continuous coverage KRWG-FM

KRWG-FM COVID-19 Coverage KC Counts, Producer / Presenter

Presenter KRWG-FM

KC counts, everything is considered an anchor

Specialty Show KRWG-FM

Voices of the public: update on the coronavirus

Fred Martino, Content Director

Sports broadcast or interview KRWG-FM

Audience voice: NMSU Aggies

KC Counts, producer / presenter

Talk Show or Interview KRWG-FM

Frontline: the 2020 choice

Fred Martino, Content Director

KRWG-FM Station of the Year

KRWG Public Media Las Cruces, NM

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