Kensal public school recognized for its high performance

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KENSAL, ND ( – Kensal Public Schools have been recognized as one of the 15% best elementary schools in North Dakota.

In an opinion from the North Dakota Department of Public Education (NDDPI), Kensal ranked high in the Academic Accountability Report, which is done for every public school in the state.

“[We] a calculated accountability to be used only as a tool for school districts to identify areas of underperformance and proactively implement school improvement strategies, ”their office said. “Principals who received this rating ranked in the top 15% of public schools based on the North Dakota Accountability Index. “

The North Dakota Responsibility Index (NDAI) is basically a public school’s score with points earned based on possible points. This then places the schools in a ranking order. Kensal Public Schools scored 15% on the index.

“NDDPI is committed to helping schools and districts better understand the data, providing more resources for high-impact use of funds, and ensuring students are on track to graduate Choice Ready.” , they added in the memo to the school.

The high ranking means increased funding opportunities for education leaders to maximize the impact of emergency funds by disbursing funds directly to students through accelerating services and advancing the experience educational.

Kensal Public School has been praised for its commitment to children as well as its positive impact and dedication to students. They were then encouraged to regularly assess the data to identify strengths and needs.

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