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Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana (GGVV) marks the 11th film by musical director Midhun Mukundan and his second film with director and lead actor Raj B Shetty, with whom he worked in Ondu Motteya Kathe. Midhun composed four songs for the film, produced under the Lighter Buddha Films banner, and is presented by Rakshit Shetty’s Paramvah Studios. Rishab is also playing a starring role in the film, which will be released on November 19. In a conversation with CE, Midhun shares his experience working on GGVV.

When asked if Midhun took a different approach to Raj B Shetty’s films, he replied, “Any uniqueness in the music of GGVV should be credited to Raj and his separate prospects. He explains what he wants and lets us do our thing. It gives us the freedom to try out any crazy ideas we have. We’re close friends, and that helps.
Midhun says the biggest challenge to score for GGVV was his situation. “Most of the compositions took place during the Corona pandemic lockdown. It was a difficult time for all of us, and being creative during that time was a challenge. However, we did not rush things, ”explains Midhun, who adds that he liked to compose long musical pieces without dialogue. “I knew I had a huge task to do while watching the film. However, I never felt overwhelmed. It was fun and creatively satisfying. Raj made no change of plans from the first cut. We had a clear vision. He would describe the kind of music he wanted and often lead us from the audience’s point of view, ”he says.

Speaking of songs used as background music, Midhun says, “This is the case with GGVV too. That’s one of the reasons we’re not releasing the other three songs. We want people to experience the tracks in the film. This is when the impact will be right.

When asked to choose a favorite between songs and BGM from GGVV, he said, “It’s hard to do. It was all an extremely rewarding experience, and it was more of a team effort. Midhun makes a special mention to the film’s sound engineer, Hriday Goswami – “He’s the one who shapes the sounds that I created. My compositions are completed by him. As for the background music, I myself am waiting to experience it in theaters and see how the audience reacts, ”he says.

Midhun’s upcoming projects include Sakutumba Sametha, web series Ekam, and anthology Roopantara.

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