How Keeping a Run Journal Can Help You Maximize Your Performance

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One attribute that many successful athletes have in common is their ability to set the right goals, make progressive and manageable plans, and consistently focus on the process, day in and day out.

It’s pretty straightforward to understand – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy in practice! There is however a hack.

Enter the humble journal …

Putting pen to paper is something many professional and elite athletes do, but it’s not just for the most gifted athletes. In a world of great shoes, treadmill testing, and high-tech sports watches, journaling is one of the most accessible ways to improve your performance.

In fact, if you are not currently keeping any newspaper, you could be missing out on a whole host of benefits that you could gain by setting aside just a few minutes each day.

Keeping a journal can help you:

  • set (and achieve!) the right goals
  • stay responsible
  • structure your training and routine
  • do the “little things” consistently
  • save your progress
  • stimulate motivation and discipline
  • overcome anxiety and improve self-confidence and awareness
  • identify development areas
  • become a better learner
  • learn to focus on the process and enjoy the trip
  • avoid injury and repeat the same mistakes
  • capture your story and give yourself something to look back on

Run the log

The brand new Run the log is the first in a series of sports journals by Performance logs. With a classic notepad style and a minimalist, functional design, it’s the perfect tool to help you get the most out of yourself and enjoy the trip.

Each Run the log has six months of daily newspaper space; a goal setting tool; daily, weekly, 13-week and 6-month planning tools; weekly, monthly, 13 week and 6 month review tools; race schedule and race day planning space; space for general notes and overflow; and a handy back pocket (for storing things like race numbers).

The Run the log is made from high quality, durable materials and comes with a guidebook, plus optional extras including 13 week wall planners, sticker sheet, and presentation case for smart library storage.

About performance logs

Performance logs is a new brand created by Nick Howard – a Sheffield-based writer, editor and runner for over 25 years – in collaboration with Edinburgh-based creative design agency, White light media, who helped design the brand, website and Run the log himself.

Nick said: “After keeping a current newspaper For over two decades, I have found that putting a pen on paper for a few minutes every day is really useful and a great way to capture your memories.

“That’s why I created Performance Logs – sport-specific logs to help athletes of all skill levels set goals, plan, record and evaluate your progress. They are sustainably made, with classic styling, minimalist design, functional layout, and some innovative features.

“Bringing it together was a team effort. White Light Media Creative Director Eric Campbell and his team figured out what I wanted to accomplish with Performance Journals and Run Journal. They are committed to building the brand personality around my vision and their attention to detail has resulted in the brilliant product we have now.

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