Hollywood’s El Capitan Theater Reveals Special Fan Event For Doctor Strange

marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is shaping up to be a movie like no other in the MCU. And if you want to experience it for the first time in a special way, you’re in luck.

Hollywood’s El Capitan Theater is doing everything for the Multiverse of Madness first. For opening day, the theater will host three different fan event screenings. Your ticket to each of these screenings will include movie snacks and strange doctor merchandise. Each fan event showing will send ticket holders home with different loot.

Check out the event schedules and merchandise below.

  • “3:00 p.m. Fan Madness” attendees will receive a Doctor Strange memento, event reference, and 64oz popcorn with their ticket.
  • Attendees of “7pm Fan Madness” will receive a themed journal, collectible popcorn box with popcorn, themed lanyard and credential with their ticket.
  • Attendees of “10:30 p.m. Fan Madness” will receive a limited-edition pin, character collectible mug, event ID and 64oz popcorn with their ticket.

Additionally, each Fan Madness screening will provide attendees with an exclusive Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness mini poster. El Capitan will also host a display of costumes from the film. So be sure to arrive early to check them out before your screening.

If you want to participate in the celebration of El Capitan, it will cost you dearly. Tickets for each of the three Fan Madness sessions are $50.

You can pick up your tickets at elcapitantheatre.com.

Fan Madness screenings are sponsored by Nerdist.

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