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CAMP HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea – The U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys’ Army Wellness Center provided the community with tips on how to live a more productive and holistic life during their performance summit, at Sitman Gym and Warrior Chapel, the March 24.
Performance Summit isn’t just about training and building muscle,” said Zone III Ready and Resilient Programmer June Park. “It’s really a holistic approach to nutrition, optimizing energy, sleeping patterns and how to use the right muscles to perform the right techniques while training.”
Subject matter experts traveled from the AWC, the Army Ready and Resilient Performance Center, and the Brian D. Allgood Army Community Hospital, to teach lectures and perform hands-on exercises on the topics. with community members and soldiers present.
On the lower level of the gymnasium, members of the R2 Performance Center taught their participants how to function and communicate in stressful situations.
“As you can see, they do burpees. Once they’re done, their goal is to use the chopsticks and stack ten nuts on top of each other. If that nut tower falls anytime during this process, everyone needs to go back and do burpees and get back into the activity and start all over again,” said R2 Performance Center expert Shaughnessy McDermott. “We have a person who stacks the widgets. You create stress in one person by asking their teammates to do burpees if the stack drops. Not only do they learn how to manage their stress in any situation, but they also learn how to communicate under stress.
Dustin Morici, a performance expert, mentioned that sometimes people use more energy than the actual activity requires. By doing these exercises, participants can see how they can still maintain things like their fine motor skills, which sometimes disappear when our muscles are activated.
“These simple activities are transferable to other things,” Morici said. “Let’s say you’re riding a bike; you don’t have to be super stressed or amped up to ride fast. You should probably be relaxed and flowing and you’ll be more efficient. This cup stacking activity and the chopsticks activity teaches you to use the minimum amount of energy needed to complete the task. Once you learn how to calm your nervous system, you can do a whole host of activities, like directing your ACFT.
Along with calming your nerves to be more efficient in your waking activities, a person should also make sure they get enough sleep to stay alert and energized.
“After working around the clock, it’s recommended to take a nap before going home, or at least before getting behind the wheel,” said Zea Urbiztondo, AWC health educator. “If you’re walking home you should be fine, but after a 24-hour shift it’s recommended that you take a 60-90 minute nap before getting behind the wheel. Lack of sleep can be similar to drunk driving.
Urbiztondo said, “When you’re sleepy and you don’t fall asleep within 15 minutes, find an activity to relax your mind. Your bed should be used for sleeping, so if you want to watch TV, read, work, or scroll through your social media, find a different place in the house for those activities. Also, to establish a consistent wake-up time, it trains your body to start functioning at a certain time of day and it keeps you from feeling tired.
Good sleep, exercise practices, and nutrition are essential components to leading a healthy holistic life.
“Probably the best nutritional advice I can give people is to eat balanced meals,” Urbiztondo said. “Getting good portions of fruits, vegetables, dairy, good fats, carbs, and protein really provides a colorful meal. Work on portion control and set goals; know what you want to eat and what your body needs to be productive.We have services that help you figure this stuff out.
While this is the first time the Ready Resilient team has hosted a performance summit, according to Park, it won’t be the last.
“We’re really here for the community,” Park said. “That’s why we exist. We do things that benefit the community. So whatever event we organize in the future, I hope we will have even more participation.
In the meantime, members of the community can contact one of the subject matter experts at the AWC (0503-337-5758), the R2 Performance Center (010-2937-1906) or the BDAACH Nutrition Care Clinic (0503 -337-1570, call or 737-1570 DSN).

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