Defendant: Ahmaud Arbery “trapped like a rat” before killing

One of the three white men accused of Ahmaud Arbery’s death told police they “trapped like a rat” the 25-year-old black man before he was fatally shot.

Glynn County Police Sgt. Roderic Nohilly said on Wednesday that accused Greg McMichael made the statement hours after the February 2020 murder.

Nohilly said Greg McMichael told him Arbery “didn’t go out for a Sunday jog. He didn’t care.”

He told Nohilly that he recognized Arbery because he had been recorded multiple times by security cameras inside a nearby house under construction. Greg McMichael said they sued to try to stop Arbery from escaping the subdivision.

“He was trapped like a rat,” Greg McMichael said, according to a transcript of their taped interview that Nohilly read in court. “I think he wanted to run away and he realized that something, you know, he wasn’t going to escape.”

During an interrogation on the witness stand on Wednesday, Nohilly pushed aside one of Greg McMichael’s attorneys who asked if raising a gun would be an appropriate response to a fleeing suspect who refused verbal orders to stop.

“You’re going to draw your gun sometimes, don’t you?” Asked lawyer Franklin Hogue.

Nohilly replied, “I’m not just pulling out my gun.”

Greg Michael and his adult son, Travis McMichael, are on trial for murder along with a neighbor, William “Roddie” Bryan.

Greg McMichael says he and his son suspected Arbery of being a burglar when they saw him running around their neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon. They armed themselves with guns and chased him in a van. Bryan joined the chase and filmed Travis McMichael on his cell phone shooting Arbery.

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