Cybersecurity Retreat for Broadcasters: Security and Modernization of Broadcast Technology

The threat of ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity threats are forcing media companies to overhaul their broadcast technology and accelerate the transition to IP. Technology/security leaders from four major companies will share their experiences with this process in Security and the Road to Modernizing Broadcast Technology, a panel at 9 a.m. Oct. 18 at TVNewsCheckCybersecurity Retreat for Broadcasters.

Paul Capizzi, CIO and SVP of Technology, Fox Corp. ; Mike Kelley, CISO, The EW Scripps Co.; Mike Palmer, Senior Director of Media Management, Sinclair Broadcast Group; Shane Miner, Technical Director, WGBH Boston; and John Naylor, Director of Product Safety, Ross Video, will participate in the discussion moderated by Palmer.

Leaders will examine how companies are designing the technology workflows of the future and what kinds of investments are needed to get there. They will examine whether CEOs fully understand their level of need and the strategies to better convince them of that need as they navigate the challenges, strategies, and timelines on this critical issue.

“Ransomware attacks have become such a threat to businesses around the world that they are driving media and entertainment companies to accelerate their transition from hardware to software and from on-premises to cloud,” said TVNewsCheck Editor and co-founder Kathy Haley. “This panel will discuss what the industry needs to do to accelerate this move to protect against ransomware attacks.”

The Cybersecurity Retreat for Broadcasters will take place October 17-18 at the Javits Center in New York City as part of the NAB New York Show. Additional panels include advanced strategies for securing the network; securing content repositories and media pipelines; Engineering/IT/Security partnerships to mitigate risk; Minimize the risk of ransomware attacks; and Ransomware: Unique Perspectives on Defense for the M&E Industry.

The event will also include private information exchanges and an incident response simulation designed to reflect the heightened dangers broadcasters currently face.

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