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Increased demand and a limited supply of COVID-19 treatment has led to a change in how the treatment will be delivered.

This is called “monoclonal antibody therapy”. This can prevent people who contract COVID from reducing hospital stays or allowing them to stay out of hospital completely.

And instead of health care providers ordering it directly, the North Dakota Department of Health will order the courses of treatment.

“We will be in touch with providers, based on their requests,” said Tim Wiedrich, head of health resources and response at the Department of Health. “The federal government will determine the quantities that will be allocated, based on utilization rates.

The first order was to go out on Friday.

“There were approximately 1,600 courses that were pending applications from North Dakota health facilities,” Wiedrich said. “Now that we have the award process, we anticipate that 380 courses will be delivered.”

Wiedrcih says the health ministry is collecting information on the amount of treatment courses physically available to the state.

“But it is reasonable to expect that we will have a request that will exceed the amount that is allocated.”

Wiedrcih said it’s important for people to remember that the best protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19 is still the vaccination process.

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Albanian broadcasters are happy to welcome anti-axxer conspiracy theorists Fri, 17 Sep 2021 06:25:10 +0000

A graduate in economics, Cako previously worked as an auditor at the Supreme State Control Office of Albania and owned a small publishing house called “Helga’s Secrets”, specializing in conspiracy literature. In 2015, he unsuccessfully ran for parliament on behalf of the New Democratic Spirit Party. Reached by phone, Cako told BIRN he was “too busy” to speak.

But he speaks. According to Facebook data analyzed via Crowdtangle, as of August this year, of some 49,000 posts from 89 broadcast media, newspapers and web portals on the topic of immunization, the most popular came from a talk show. titled “360 gradë” on Ora News and featured Cako discusses allegations of a link between COVID-19 vaccines and a supposedly secret society called the “Illuminati.”

“The vaccine is an Illuminati project,” he said. “The vaccine is a 3mm microchip that will save all of our data on an Illuminati company computer.”

Posted on Ora News TV’s Facebook page on May 1 of last year, the video has been viewed more than 477,000 times, generating 6,871 interactions, including comments, likes and other ’emoji’.

Cako is a “free man,” said Elvin Luku, professor in the journalism department at the University of Tirana. The problem is those who give it airtime.

“I see a problem here with the directors of television shows, who, although they are aware of his beliefs, provide him with airtime in an effort to attract the largest possible audience,” Luku said. at BIRN.

He said he was “astonished” that WADA had not responded. “On the one hand, we have seen the space offered to this actor and this has consequences for the vaccination campaign,” he said, “while on the other, public institutions are spending money. public money for costly awareness campaigns. “

Luku, however, said the AMA might be limited by the fact that Cako’s appearances are limited to talk shows rather than news reports.

“If such information had been broadcast in a sustained manner during the news, it certainly would have been a violation of the Code of Conduct, but the talk shows consist of more relaxed discussions and the guests are not necessarily experts, so a WADA’s intervention is questionable, ”he said.

“However, I believe that since these vaccine conspiracy theories are being made repeatedly, every week, on national television, in this case there is cause for WADA to intervene.”

Canameti said that the conduct of broadcasters, “for commercial reasons,” undermined efforts by public bodies and civil society to educate and inform Albanians about the COVID-19 vaccination, telling BIRN: “More the public is large, the more people there are at risk ”.

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Westminster Students Participate in WKBN’s Titan Football Shows | Holcad and campus Thu, 16 Sep 2021 19:23:00 +0000

NEW WILMINGTON, PA – Track and field at Westminster College is in full swing. With some sports attracting national attention, the Westminster football team was ranked 20th in a preseason poll. This attention helped Westminster secure two of WKBN’s Game of the Week shows, Week 1 against Mount Union (9/4) and Week 4 against Grove City (9/25). Four members of the Westminster Broadcast team have been selected to help with WKBN’s Game of the Week shows to develop their skills and network with industry professionals.

Marcus Tokar

Marcus is entering his second year of covering Titan Football; he will serve as a secondary reporter for the Mount Union and Grove City games. Tokar will call play-by-play alongside Scooter Reddinger on WCN for all other Titan home games.

Mason flanigan

Mason is entering his fourth year with the Titan Football team; he followed the booth of WKBN announcers Chad Krispinsky and Chris Burtch during the Mount Union game and was the assistant game manager for Grove City. Flanigan will be doing full-color commentary alongside Dr. David Barner on Titan Radio for all other Titan games this fall.

Constantine kallaur

Constantine is entering his third season helping cover Titan. He was the assistant director of the game Mount Union. Kallaur will be directing home football matches on WCN this fall and producing various video segments.

Dani Soloski

Dani is entering her third year with the Titan Broadcast team. His role for WKBN broadcasts is called the Red Hat, who is the person in charge of communication between the truck and the officials for TV downtime. Dani normally performs graphics as well as various other roles inside the TV truck for Titan football games.

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Comedian Norm Macdonald has died at 61 Tue, 14 Sep 2021 20:39:00 +0000

Comedian Norm Macdonald, a beloved Saturday Night Live cast member in the 1990s, has passed away. His management company has confirmed that the 61-year-old has been battling cancer for nine years.

“He was most proud of his comedy,” said his production partner and friend Lori Jo Hoekstra. Deadline. “Norm was pure comic. He once wrote that a joke should surprise someone, it should never flatter.” He certainly never flattered. Norm will be sadly missed. “

SNL Fans may remember Macdonald as a presenter in the “Weekend Update” segments of the show. He was known for his impressions, especially that of Burt Reynolds. In his signature funny way, he mocked former superstar Michael Jackson and former football star and actor OJ Simpson throughout the latter’s murder trial. Macdonald later said he was pressured by network executives to stop blowing up Simpson, who was eventually acquitted, as a murderer, and he attributed his dismissal from the show for his refusal to stop.

After SNL, Macdonald had his own comedy series, The spectacle of the norm, where he played an NHL player who had to do community service after being arrested for gambling and tax evasion. He also had his own talk show, Norm Macdonald has a show, on Netflix.

Macdonald was born in Quebec in 1959 and began his career doing stand-ups in Canadian comedy clubs, where he developed his tongue-in-cheek style. After competing on Star search in 1990 he was hired to write for The Dennis Miller Show, then the sitcom Roseanne. Macdonald has made appearances on late night shows with David Letterman and Conan O’Brian and has had a recurring role on the show The middle. He has also appeared in films such as The people against Larry Flynt, and he was the voice of Lucky the Dog in Eddie Murphy’s comedy Dr Dolittle.

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Listen to the Maine Public Broadcasting Network report The Day After 9/11 Fri, 10 Sep 2021 21:02:00 +0000

Listen to the archived recording of Maine Things Considered the day after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as we first learned about the mysterious role Portland played in igniting the deadly chain of events that sparked a war and changed the world.

Tuesday September 11, 2001. It started off as a beautiful late summer day in southern Maine. Deep blue sky. Puffy white clouds and no clue anything was wrong at the Portland Jetport where two men, one with a small bag, boarded a 6am commuter plane bound for Boston .

Within hours, they and 17 other terrorists linked to Al Qaeda would hijack four planes and use them to carry out suicide attacks. Among the nearly 3,000 people killed that day, there were 6 Mainers.

Robert and Jackie Norton from Lubec, both retired, were on Flight 11 to their son’s west coast wedding. Robert Schlegel de Gray was celebrating his recent promotion to the rank of Commander of the United States Navy and moving to a new office at the Pentagon. Stephen Ward from Gorham worked for a bond company on the 101st floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. And Portland lawyer James Roux, a military veteran and family man, was heading to a business meeting in California on United Airlines Flight 175, the second plane to hit the World Trade Center.

We now know that the two men who left Portland were Mohammed Atta, 33, and Adul Azziz al Omari, 22, and that they did not enter Maine from Canada. They came from Boston in a rental car for reasons as yet unknown.

Born in Egypt, Atta is considered the mastermind of terrorist attacks. He was brought up in a modern, middle-class Muslim family, attended the University of Cairo and later that of Hamburg, Germany. This is where authorities believe he was introduced to several radical Islamists who formed a terrorist cell which was later recruited and trained by Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. Since 2001, more than 2,000 American soldiers have been killed in the war in Afghanistan, including more than 20 Mainers.

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Prepare for cryptocurrency announcements on sports broadcasts Tue, 07 Sep 2021 21:33:45 +0000