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Wednesday was Christmas in July at the Steamboat Park Amphitheater as the Capital City Band played some holiday favorites in their penultimate show of the season. And there was no shortage of Santa Claus hats to keep the festive atmosphere alive.

“We had a regular theme this week in ‘Christmas in July’,” group manager Larry Johnson said. “With 30 years of conducting Christmas concerts at Pierre, I have amassed a lot of Christmas band arrangements. And, with the temperatures soaring, what better time to think of something cool. “

A brief downpour cooled temperatures about two hours before the performance, but the grass was already dry when the concert began. Many of the group and audience wore at least some sort of Christmas outfit, from Santa hats and reindeer antlers to a full boyfriend costume from the movie “Elf”. The public brought lawn chairs for a festive evening of Christmas cheer in mid-July.

The group performed a variety of Christmas carols, some sacred and some secular. Songs by favorite singers from recent Christmas specials included Andy Williams and Mel Tormé.

The group’s next show, July 28 at 8 pm, “Directors’ Favorites” is the season finale for the Capital City Band. The band members, full-fledged musical directors, will conduct their favorite tracks.

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