Broadcaster Kaat apologizes for ’40 acres’ comment | Entertainment

Houston (AP) – MLB Network broadcaster Jim Kaat said Friday’s Astros should try to “fill the 40-acre field” with players who look like Chicago infielder Yoan Moncada. He apologized during the White Sox AL Division Series game.

A former all-star pitcher and longtime commentator for the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins, Kurt spoke in the first inning of Game 2 in response to broadcaster Buck Showalter’s comments about Cuban Monkada.

Shaw Alter, who opposed Monkada while managing the Baltimore Orioles, said: “After meeting him for the first time in the Big League, do we have one?

Kurt replied, “Fill the 40 acre field with them.” It reminded some viewers that freed slaves broke the US government’s promise to receive 40 acres and mules after the Civil War.

Kurt, 82, has apologized five times.

“At the start of the match, when Yoán Moncada was on the plate, I made a mistake in my choice of words to try to compliment him as a great player, which resulted in a callous and hurtful statement,” a- he declared. I did. Sorry. “

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Broadcaster Kaat apologizes for ’40 acres’ comment | Entertainment

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