Loans for housing in Norway and abroad

Financial support for home purchases is perfectly fine. If you are going to buy for the first time today you are completely dependent on help from eg. parents. If you do not have equity, it is not easy to buy something in, for example, Oslo. With student loans in addition, it goes without saying that it is limited how much loan you get.

You might have had some savings

money cash

When you bought four years ago and borrowed the rest from parents (price 1.4 million). Without this you might have had to drop it all or rent. And then you pay on the loan to others, so it’s not that smart if you can avoid it.  This is a recommendation at best, but also has something about standard and location ie price to do.

Anyone who is newly married and long-term educated with a large student debt, without equity and with children, a deduction of about 15% of the purchase price will come in handy, as it makes it possible to obtain housing loans at all. The differences in society are segmented.

Owning or renting

Owning or renting

Is one of the things that helps to increase differences in Norway.  If you do not get a loan for your own home, you pay the many times that a home costs in rent over the years.  You also do not get loans for other things, unless you have security in your own home.

What about all those kids where parents can’t afford to sponsor their children with housing? Because with the current development, where it is easy to get loans for housing in central areas and difficult in the districts. Want new tools for rural housing – The challenge for many in rural areas is that construction costs are high, while the market and banks do not value the location. Thus, many are struggling to get loans to build or buy housing in the districts

And what about the acceleration of difference Norway with today’s policy, and parents’ behavior, by paying their young people’s first residence?

Maybe you have a plan to buy an apartment or possibly a home abroad?

money cash

There are many players here who can give you the loan you need, but often far more expensive than is needed.
There are also many traps to go into when buying property abroad. There are really only benefits to being in Spain as a resident. To put it briefly, as a resident, you place the same as with any Spaniard, equal rights in almost all contexts. One will also get better conditions for Spanish banks as a resident.

Better interest rates and higher loan-to-value ratios for home loans in Spain. For tax purposes, there can be big gains to be made, especially for those who are going to sell housing. If you are a resident, over the age of 65, have lived in your own home for more than three years, you can sell it without paying anything in tax on the gain on home sales. If you are under 65, the gain is also completely tax-free provided you use the money from the sale on the purchase of a new home.


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